After years of service, your Shade Sail will be showing signs of wear and tear. Certainly mildew, road grime and dust will be contaminating your sail. UV damage to the thread is inevitable and after 5 or 6 years, it may be that your Shade Sail is due for a Full Restitch.

A Wash, Full Restitch & Re-tension combined with the original robustness of the fabric, will see your Shade Sail restored to almost as new functionality.

Shade Sail Cleaning
To successfully clean a Shade Sail, it has to be removed from its fixing points, hung vertically, and methodically pressure washed on both sides. The old thread, having lost its strength, usually flushes out of the Sail, and then on to the next step.

Shade Sail Repair, Full Restitch & Re-tension
Our Machinists then renew the Shade Sail with a Full Restitch and Patches and Repairs if necessary.


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